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Why I choose TruSculpt over CoolSculpting?

Posted by Med Spa of Baton Rouge Client on 11/11/14

Written by one of our customers, Erika. 

Why did I choose TruScupt over Cool Sculpt? 

trusculpt coolsculpting-652514-edited


 I did lots of research on the internet and even went on a few consultations to try to help me to decide which one of these procedures would be the most effective.  What I found out from reading different websites and did a consultation with a local doctor’s office on CoolSculpting?  This procedure would freeze the fat and my body would naturally eliminate the fat.  It would take about 2 months to see the full results.  I did the same with TruScupt, it uses heat to melt the fat and also tightens the skin, and my body would naturally eliminate the fat, but the plus was the skin tightening.  That’s why I decide to go with The Medical Spa of Baton Rouge, they are the only place in Baton Rouge that offers TruSculpt.

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What to expect with your first treatment of TruSculpt?

I just did my first treatment of truSculpt at the Medical Spa of Baton Rouge, in Town Center.  When I walked in the girls at the front desk greeted asked me if I would like a bottle of water.  I felt right at home in the cozy waiting area.  I sat for a just a few minutes & the Esthetician, Sean came and got me.

Sean brought me to a room and gave me a robe and told me to change into and he would be back to do my weight, pictures and measurements.  Once he was back in the room he weighed me, decided what areas I need to do the treatment on, then he did before pictures and my measurements.

Just before he started the procedure he put a cold strip across my lower back and said that this strip is used to ground the machine to make the procedure effective.  When he started the procedure he told me the first spot that he starts with would be the most uncomfortable.  And he was right the 1st area on each leg was the worst of the treatment. He had to get the machine to my body temperature then started raising the heat to a higher setting so the Radio Frequency could penetrate heat deep in the tissue to burn fat and help tighten the skin in that area.  It felt like hot sensations at the area he was treating and if got to hot he would lower the temperature so it would be more comfortable for me.  Sean, would wiggled the machine on the spots he was treating, so the heat didn’t feel as hot.  Sean was great he listened to my whole life story and laughed with me, and this made the process go much easier.

Over all my experience was a great.  Everyone was very friendly and helpful.  I am looking forward to my next appointment in 4 weeks.  So, stay tuned for my 4 week post treatment pictures for TruSculpt.  I can wait to see the results!!!

Check out my before pictures

Erica_Hoyt_10825_0009 Erica_Hoyt_10825_0014

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