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What is Ideal Protein?

Posted by Jazmine Foxworth on 11/27/17


The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program is a medically developed system designed by Dr. Tran Tien Chanh to help people lose fat and retain muscle mass. The system is a high protein, low-carb diet that focuses specifically on eating the right protein. The diet also restricts sugar intake until your ideal weight is reached. This helps to ensure the body’s carbohydrate reserves are completely depleted and that the body is running purely off of fat reserves. So, in practice what does this diet look and taste like? Read below for more information.

How Does the Diet Work

The Medical Spa of Baton Rouge functions as one of the only Ideal Protein partners in the city and offers our patients one-on-one coaching, education and Ideal Protein products. The program consists of four phases:

Phase One: During this portion of the program, you’ll eat an Ideal Protein breakfast and lunch with a side of veggies. For dinner, you’ll prepare your own eight-ounce protein of real protein with two cups of veggies, along with an Ideal Protein snack.

Phase Two: This phase is similar to phase one, however now you can prepare your own lunch featuring a seven-ounce portion of real protein and two cups of veggies. For this portion of the program, dinner is the same as lunch.

Phase Three: Lunch and dinner requirements are the same as Phase Two for this portion. However, breakfast now includes fruit, grains, and dairy. The purpose of this phase is to increase your calorie intake to maintenance level gradually.

Phase Four: This portion of the program is focused on teaching you how to balance carbs, proteins, and fat in your daily diet for life.

Should I Exercise?

As you exercise, glucose levels are increased in the body leading to glucose synthesis from non-carbohydrate sources, primary from your muscles. In order to reduce muscle loss throughout the process, exercise is not recommended during the first three weeks. After this time has passed, you may exercise, however, be sure to stay well-hydrated.

Want to Learn More?

Since the diet forces you to change your diet dramatically, most Ideal Protein participants lose a significant amount of weight and reach their weight loss goal. Ready to see real results and have the body of your dreams? Contact the Medical Spa of Baton Rouge today for more information about Ideal Protein and get started today.

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