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Can Acoustical Wave Therapy Help You with Your Cellulite?

Posted by Medical Spa Marketing on 04/09/15

I have done a lot of research on what I can do to helping the appearance of cellulite and “the banana roll” on the back of my legs.  I have tried several things with not a lot of success. So I decided to check into Acoustical Wave Therapy (AWT). I went to The Medical Spa of Baton Rouge for a free consultation.  I met with Dr. Kenyatta Shamlin and she suggested that I try AWT. Dr. Shamlin suggested that I do 2 AWT treatments per week, with the Infrared Body Wrap for 3 weeks and then she would check the progress to see if she thought I needed more sessions. Dr. Shamlin also suggested that I use the BelleDerm Trim & Tone Body gel twice a day in conjunction with the treatments to help promote skin firming.

I decided to give it a try, so I scheduled my appointment for the next day with their esthetician, Sean.  The first treatment wasn’t bad it just sounded like a jack hammer, but no pain just a little uncomfortable it felt like a little stinging across the back of my upper legs. I just finished my second treatment and already started seeing a difference in the back of my legs, each session takes about 25-30 minutes for one area.  The skin is looks and feels smoother and less dimpling on the back of my legs where Sean did the treatment.  I am also using the BelleDerm Body Gel twice a day, I did some research on the BelleDerm and found out it has micronized Vitamin C and natural diuretic’s to shrink fat cells. I have 4 more AWT sessions left and I can’t wait to see the results… I will keep you updated on my progress.

Here's where I started:

AWTbeforpiccopy-1   AWTBeforepic3copy 

AWTBeforepic5copy  AWTBeforepic4copy


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