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Calling All Men of Baton Rouge for a Spa Day..."Male Style"

Posted by Dr. Tasha Shamlin on 06/13/14


Sharpen His Image: Nominate Your Man for a Summer Makeover

This summer, The Medical Spa of Baton Rouge thinks that The Men of Baton Rouge Have It!

We want to honor the guys who have “It” in Baton Rouge with a fun summer contest. What is “It,” exactly? Well, “It” could be a lot of things. Success. The spirit of giving. Selflessness. Achievement. Community leadership. We’re looking for you to nominate one deserving, local man who works hard, gives back to the community, and could use a little time to do something for themselves. Once we find that one lucky man who has, “It,” we will give him the opportunity to sharpen his image with free spa makeover services performed by Drs. Tasha and Kenyatta Shamlin.

Maybe you know a business leader who is in need of a complete makeover. Perhaps you’d like to give your boss some “me” time since he works ten hour days, volunteers on weekends, and still finds time to coach his daughter’s basketball team several nights a week. Maybe you know a community leader who has been working hard to improve his health as he works to improve the lives of others, but his efforts could use a little boost.  No matter what the deserving man in your life needs to sharpen his image, The Medical Spa of Baton Rouge can provide it.

Think he might be a little reluctant to get a makeover? Don’t worry, the contest prize isn’t cookie-cutter. We won’t force anyone into services he doesn’t need. In fact, the winner will receive a makeover that is completely tailored to his needs and personal preferences.

In order to identify the deserving guy from the Baton Rouge area, we need a little help from you. Visit our contest page to tell us about the deserving man in your life. And guys, you can nominate yourselves, too. Don’t be shy. We want to recognize and give back to the men who help make Baton Rouge a great place to live.

How The Contest Will Work

To nominate a man who has “It,” simply send us a picture and tell us why he deserves a makeover. Include his height, weight (or your best guess), birthdate, occupation, and any details we need in order to help us make a decision. Once the winner has been chosen, we will contact the man to award his prize. If he accepts, the makeover package will be tailored to his needs by our team of doctors here at The Medical Spa of Baton Rouge.

After the winner agrees upon the services, they will be performed at no cost. The winner will agree to let The Medical Spa of Baton Rouge use image and likeness in our media promotions. He will also provide a written and verbal testimonial for the services rendered and his overall experience at the spa. Before any services are performed, the winner must sign all required forms and waivers.

We’ll also feature him along with four other males we have already made over on our website! We’ll share their stories of success, leadership, and giving, so that everyone in the community can see the results of the makeover, and give the Guys Who Have It a little pat on the back.

Don’t Wait! Nominate a Deserving Man Today!

To nominate a man from the Baton Rogue area who you think Has It and deserves the royal treatment this summer, visit our contest page by clicking the image below to learn more.  If you have specific questions about the contest, its rules, or the prizes, please contact The Medical Spa of Baton Rouge today.


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