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2 Ways To Look and Feel Your Best For the Holiday Season

Posted by Jasmine Griffin on 12/05/16

Christmas Spa

The holidays have arrived! Now is the time to gather close family and friends to celebrate and cherish these special times. Even though this is the season of merriment, there are a few stressful things that we tend to worry about, our overall health and physique. Often times, the Holiday season is a time of networking office parties, and first-time meet and greets with your significant other's family. We always want to make a our best first impression. Here are two ways to make sure that you look and feel your best during this upcoming Holiday season!


1. Take care of your skin, especially your face

During warmer months, people usually take precaution with their skin by moisturizing more often and applying an SPF skin protecter. Unfortunately, we tend to slack off when it comes to colder months. This is because people cover their skin more frequently when it is cooler and they don't feel the need to. One of the most neglected parts of our skin is actually our face. The whipping wind of harsh cold months can take a huge toll on the moisture levels of our face. A great way to add moisture back into your skin and to provide your complexion with a warm, refreshed Holiday glow is to receive a relaxing and nourishing facial. Facials have the ability to renew your skin and provide a great pick-me-up during the fall and winter season. Look for facials that have a burst of mint in them to help revitalize your skin and help you to get in the holiday mood.

2. Get Your Best Physique From Your Workout Routine with Infrared Wraps

Throughout the year, you may pride yourself on working out regularly and eating a nutritious, balanced diet. However, sometimes we have stubborn problem areas that will not go away no matter how hard we try. Even though were are wanting to look our best in that LBD (Little Black Dress) for the holidays, we may still feel uneasy about our appearance. A wonderful solution to those problem areas are infrared wraps. Infrared wraps are a safe and effective medical spa treatment that helps you body to use shed pounds and contour your body. Systems such as the Formostar Body Wrap work perfectly for those who need to tighten and tone after losing weight through weight loss programs. This wrap has been found to be just as beneficial as infrared saunas and hot yoga for detoxification. It also helps with arthritis, lower back pain, sciatica and fibromyalgia. It burns up to 1400 calories per hour - even better than exercise.

We all want to look our best when it comes to the holiday season. The Medical Spa of Baton Rouge is here to help you relax and optimize your beauty and health efforts. Contact The Medical Spa of Baton Rouge today to learn about our December Spa Specials this holiday season.