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A Patients Journey: IPL-Photo Rejuvenation

Posted by Medical Spa Marketing on 05/28/15

IPL-Photo Rejuvenation

Is IPL right for you?

I have been researching on how to get rid of dark spots and the redness on my chest.  I found that the Medical Spa of Baton Rouge had one of the strongest lasers to remove Liver spots, age spots and redness from my chest. So, I called and scheduled a free consultation with Dr. Tasha Shamlin.  During my meeting with Dr. Tasha Shamlin, she educated me about IPL Photo Rejuvenation and what to expect before and after the IPL Laser treatment. Dr. Tasha told me the Cutera laser settings can be adjusted as needed to remove dark spots, redness or rosacea.  Dr. Shamlin told me, no sun tanning or tanning bed or use of sunless tanning products 2 weeks prior to the IPL Laser session and 2 weeks after the IPL procedure.  Dr. Shamlin made me feel so comfortable with trying IPL and confident that IPL would help with the dark spots and red areas on my chest.  I scheduled my first IPL treatment for the following week.

When I arrived at the Medical Spa of Baton Rouge, everyone was very friendly when I was checked in.  I had to change into a robe before I started the IPL Photo Rejuvenation treatment.  Mrs. Linda Chaney, my esthetician, also went through what to expect during and after my IPL treatment. Before she started my 1st session of IPL Photo Rejuvenation, she took before pictures so I could see my progress.  She covered my chest with an ultrasound gel to help make the procedure more comfortable.  I put on eye protective glasses to prevent any eye damage from the laser. Mrs. Linda started the procedure on a setting that would remove the dark spots first and help with some of the redness on my chest.  She told me for my 2nd treatment she would set the IPL to help more with the redness on my chest.  The whole process took about 30 minutes and was painless.  After the procedure was done, I had some redness and minor swelling. Mrs. Linda gave me an ice pack for my chest to take with me to help with the burning and swelling that was associated with the IPL procedure.  After about an hour the minor burning and swelling was gone.  I was able to fit the IPL Laser procedure in to my lunch hour and go back to work with no down time. 

I have done 2 treatments so far.  Here are my pictures before IPL Laser session and 3 weeks after the 1st IPL Laser treatment.  I have seen a big difference in brown spots and the redness on my chest after the first session.  I have 3 more IPL Photo Rejuvenation sessions left and I will keep you posted on my progress.  


Erika_Hoyt_10825_0021_3-158870-edited BeforeErika_Hoyt_10825_0032_2  After


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