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Follow-Up: Yes, Acoustical Wave Therapy Can Help with Cellulite

Posted by Dr. Tasha Shamlin on 05/14/15


Yes, Acoustical Wave Therapy (AWT) can help you with your Cellulite and unwanted pockets of fat….

I just finished my 3rd week of AWT treatments.  It is the last of 6 treatments done 3 days apart.  I have really a seen difference after the 6th treatment.  On the left leg below my butt “banana roll” or fat pocket has almost completely disappeared.  The right side still has a small pocket of fat just below my butt.  The cellulite on the back of my legs is much smoother and the dimpling has improved.  The Bellederm Trim & Tone Body Gel I am using twice a day is helping with the results.

My esthetician, Sean has done a great job making me feel great about myself and making sure I am comfortable during each treatment.  I went in 2 days after my last AWT for my follow up appointment with Dr. Kenyatta Shamlin, so she could see the results after the 6th treatment.  Dr. Shamlin thought my results were great so far.  She explained it will take 60 days from my last AWT treatment to see the final results.  Dr. Shamlin said to schedule a 2 month consultation with her or Dr. Tasha Shamlin. After my consultation Mrs. Linda one of the estheticians took my pictures she said “It looks like you had a butt lift”.  The picture is after my 6th treatment of AWT.  When, I do my 2 month follow up consultation, I will update you on my final results and post my pictures.  I am very excited about my results with Acoustical Wave Therapy so far… I can’t wait to see what the back of my legs will look like in 60 days.


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