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Clarisonic Brushes: The Science Behind the Cleansing Technology

Posted by Jazmine Foxworth on 12/14/17


In the past few years, Clarisonic Brushes have taken the beauty and skin care scene by storm. They’ve quickly become a staple in skin care routines, health regimens, and a highly recommended product among top beauty gurus. The benefits seem to be endless, but are they true? Below we’ve shared some details about how Clarisonic Brushes work and some science behind the technology.

A Cleansing System, Not an Exfoliator

Many people mistake Clarisonic Brushes for an exfoliating device. However, the device is far from it. These brushes are categorized as cleansing systems. They use sonic technology, at a rate of 300 movements per second to clean the skin. There’s no pulling, tugging or jabbing, thanks to the soft bristles. Some Clarisonic Brushes come with “delicate” or “sensitive” brushes, for people seeking a gentler experience. You’ll experience slight exfoliation because it’s a brush and not your fingers, but not much.

Where’s the Magic?

Clarisonic Brushes are highly effective at removing dirt and grime from your pores—making your skin clearer in just one step. If you wear a lot of makeup, especially foundation or sunscreen, you may unintentionally leave some behind after you clean your skin. Clarisonic Brushes deeply cleanse the skin and reaches impurities you may miss using just your hands.

The Difference Between Clarisonic Brushes and Other Skincare Brushes

Clarisonic brushes offer a much more gentle cleansing than most skincare brushes on the market. The Clarisonic Brush cleansing system is one of the only brushing systems recommended for sensitive skin. The brush deeply penetrates pores, ultimately reducing wrinkles, improving skin tone, and decreasing the size of pores. They provide a more refined cleansing experience, resulting in beautiful and clearer skin.

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