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3 Things You Need to Know About Infrared Body Wraps!

Posted by Jasmine Griffin on 08/12/16

3 Things You Need to Know About Infrared Body Wraps!


It's the newest thing: Infrared body wraps. Many people rave about their benefits and what they do to help tighten, tone, detoxify and help to shed an inch or two. However, there are many spa goers that are skeptical of what is happening when they receive this treatment. Here are 3 things that you need to know about infrared body wraps and what they can do to help you to achieve results.

1. How does an infrared body wrap work?

Unlike other types of spa wraps that are meant to just be a relaxing, skin smoothing treatment, infrared body wraps are designed to help you detoxify your body and shed inches. Backed by research and science, this medically supervised treatment is great for those who need to tighten up their body after losing weight through the H2Cg Rx homeopathic weight loss system or other weight loss program. This wrap has been found to be just as beneficial as infrared saunas and hot yoga for detoxification. It also helps with arthritis, lower back pain, sciatica and fibromyalgia. It burns up to 1400 calories per hour, which is similar to an intense workout.

2. Infrared body wraps are SAFE.

Infrared body wraps are used to create a specific type of heat, radiant heat. This is has absolutely nothing to do with ultraviolet radiation, which causes sun burn, or even atomic radiation, the type that comes from nuclear bombs. Radiant heat is a simple form of energy that heats objects, such as your thighs and midsections, without having to heat the air in between them. Radiant (or infrared energy) is the lowest energy band of light on the spectrum and is what we perceive simply as heat. Our bodies, such as the palms of our hands, radiate this exact of type heat naturally from our palms (on a much lower scale, of course!) Ancient Chinese civilizations have used this same concept of "palm healing" to produce various healing and detoxifying results. Today however, our technology has allowed us to harness and concentrate this heated energy to help people detox and tighten up.

3. The wrap can help you actually tighten and tone, not just lose water weight from sweating.

It is a common misconception that infrared body wraps, such as Formostar Body Wraps, simply help you to sweat, which is the ONLY reason why you shed inches. This is not true. Being treated at a reputable and medically based spa, where you will be advised about properly hydrating before your treatment, will help to calm any concerns about becoming dehydrated. Additionally, not all wraps are created equal. Infrared Body wraps, such as Formostar, affects the tissue by naturally increasing the body's metabolism. This, in return, produces tighter, firmer muscles and skin. 

In conclusion, infrared body wraps are a safe option to help people tighten and tone their skin while following a healthy diet and exercise program. It is not meant to take the place of an exercise routine. It is a wonderful way to see optimal results. The Medical Spa of Baton Rouge is here to help you decided if you are a good candidate for this wonderful and beneficial spa service. Call or email today to set your appointment!

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